Aston Martin prezinta Rapide E, prima masina electrica a constructorului

Powered by an 800-volt, 65kWh battery, Aston Martin estimates the Rapide E will be able to travel “over 200 miles” on a single charge. Twin motors mounted on the rear axle will generate 450kW (or over 600 horsepower) and can get the car up to a top speed of 155 miles per hour. That will happen fairly quickly, too — Aston Martin says the Rapide E will go from 0 to 60 miles per hour in under four seconds (which is a tick faster than the standard internal combustion Rapide S). When plugged into a high-speed charger, the car’s battery can be recharged at a rate of 310 miles per hour.“, conform

Usor.. usor cam toti constructorii trec pe electric. Piata de masini electrice este intr-o continua crestere, sper ca ati citit si despre experienta mea la volanul unei masini electrice.

Desi Aston Martin anuntase modelul Rapid E inca din 2015, au reusit sa il prezinte publicului in cadrul Shanghai Auto Show din acest an.

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